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Meta! How Could You?

Cast your mind back a few years, and you might recall having an employee create a Facebook Page for your business. Now, a marketing agency is requesting access to manage the page on your behalf, but the problem is that you can’t give it to them! Requests are being sent to the “Page Owner,” but for some reason, they’re not making it to your inbox… To make matters worse, when you try to grant the agency access to your page manually, you quickly realise that you don’t even have the correct permissions to do so!

This is usually when the penny drops, and you realise that the page is “owned” by the employee who created it years ago – the one that’s long gone! Next on the agenda? The headache of attempting to regain ownership over your company’s Facebook page.

When it comes to social media management, having assigned roles is crucial. They allow users to make edits and additions with unrestricted account access and are essential for businesses that want to keep their pages updated and relevant (without the fear of someone going rogue).

The Roles & Responsibilities

If you were to peek behind the Facebook curtain, you would find a complex machine with many moving parts. As a business owner, you need to understand the roles and management aspects of your Facebook page. Whether running a small business page or a large corporate account, having multiple people perform different duties is generally advantageous if implemented correctly.

The easiest way to identify and understand the roles of your Facebook page is to navigate to the “Page Roles” found under “Settings” (for Classic Pages) or “New Pages Experience” found under “Settings & Privacy” (for New Pages Experience).

The “Page Owner” is the most powerful of all the roles. As the name suggests, they are the ultimate power player. From granting access to other users to publishing and editing posts and even deleting the page altogether – the Page Owner holds all the cards. Therefore, a firm understanding of page roles and their associated permissions is critical, so you know who can do what on your social media pages. After all, you don’t want a rogue employee deleting your page on a whim, do you?

Pro Tip: The personal profile or Facebook Business Manager used to create a Facebook page automatically becomes the “Page Owner”.

What Goes Where?

As the business owner, you should typically have full Admin access to the page and own it. However, give that power too freely, and you could find yourself in hot water. One admin can remove another, so you’ll want to be sure that only those you trust most have access to this level of control. However you choose to manage your page, just remember that a little planning and foresight can go a long way to protecting your social media assets.

We Can Play A Role!

Having a Facebook page is more than just a social media presence. It’s an opportunity for you to showcase your business to potential customers. From organic content to paid advertising, Facebook offers endless ways to get your message in front of new markets. Whatever your goals, understanding your Facebook page’s intricacies can make all the difference in ensuring its longevity.

The Cape Business Online team has faced many Facebook mountains and can help you avoid these unwanted hurdles. There may be frustrating moments along the way (we’re looking at you, ever-changing algorithm), but you won’t regret giving your business the opportunities of Facebook’s social media marketing! Get in touch with our experts today.