Humble beginnings…

The year is 1679… The governor of the Dutch Cape Colony, Simon van der Stel, has historically recorded the establishment of the now stunning town of Stellenbosch and began the development of what we now, with a dreamy look in our eyes, know as one of wine country’s favourite places.

It is on these vineyard covered slopes, precisely 14 kilometres outside of Stellenbosch Central, that Koelenhof Wine Cellar is located – a geographical pin that now attracts wine lovers from all over the world! In 1941, the grower-owned cooperative cellar emerged from humble beginnings.

Beginning as a modest bulk wine producer, Koelenhof Wine Cellar embraced the power of strong relationships to embark on an adventure of passion and hard work that rewarded them for the years that followed – and continues to do so.

A story marked by success…

Today, Koelenhof enjoys the support of devoted staff and dependable partners, harnessing the passion of every team member to sustain their success.

After years of hard work, Koelenhof is proud to report that they press an impressive 16,000 tons of grapes annually! Having recently celebrated their 80th birthday, their humble beginnings have indeed sown a great harvest as they enjoy their roots as a firm favourite wine in South African and International homes.

Over the years, Koelenhof’s success has developed from producing delicious wines to offering their visitors an experience that keeps them returning for more. Though, harnessing the uniqueness of their offering is what has truly set them apart.

Koelenhof Wine Cellar enriches the wine industry with a comprehensive range of services. With the vision to capture the beauty of the winelands, and of South Africa, in everything that they do, they have managed to create wine that will be savoured for years to come and an environment that welcomes togetherness.

They have grown to offer a truly delicious pairing menu that allows visitors to relish in the beautiful wines they create with friends and family. Their KOEL-tainer is powered by a similar mission, as it offers visitors a space to sit back and relax whilst children play in their specially built playground. They have also coined the title of ‘home to the 8th wonder of the world’ with resident Roosterkoek maker, Beauty, who everyone agrees makes the most mouth-watering treats around!

They have grown beyond their value category and are making serious strides into an iconic range of wine under their Stellenbosch 1679 brand. Across the board, Koelenhof Wine Cellar has been rewarded with prestigious awards that validate the exceptional quality of their wine. These acknowledgements have cemented their future success among many established South African wine brands.

From cooperative winemaking to an award-winning brand, their success story is one for the books!

Our role in Koelenhof’s marketing journey

In 2015, Cape Business Online was approached and appointed for the design of a brand new website, which marked the beginning of their online journey. Having enjoyed the perks that this brought their business we were soon after appointed to manage their website’s SEO and social media marketing.

Today, Koelenhof enjoys unique, quirky online engagement with a community that loves the brand they have established! Their willingness to enter the online space allowed their business to flourish and reach a customer base they previously had little interaction with.

We recently checked in with Eugene Kinghorn, Marketing Manager at Koelenhof Wine Cellar, to implore his experience with our team.

“CBOL (Cape Business Online) has really helped the Koelenhof brand grow incredibly over the last few years. Because we did not always focus on the bottled wine market (and therefore did not really concentrate on marketing it), CBOL ensured that they worked hard to see that our products were ready for social media platforms, as well as getting our website market ready.

The relationship between Koelenhof and CBOL is extremely professional, and something we are all very proud of. We now reap the benefits as Koelenhof is fully booked Saturday after Saturday. CBOL’s role in this success does not go unnoticed.”

Finding Koelenhof along the grapevine…
If you are interested in connecting with Koelenhof Wine Cellar or learning more about their offering, feel free to visit their website.

Alternatively, keep up with their latest news and offers on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.