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Google vs Bing vs Yahoo

When someone asks you a question you don’t know the answer to, there’s a reason your response is something along the lines of “I don’t know, just Google it” and not “I don’t know, just Yahoo it” or even worse “I don’t know, just Bing it”. Surely, if those search engines were better at finding and serving up answers, the saying would sound a little different?

They’re all search engines – aren’t they all the same?

Google, Bing and Yahoo have a few things in common. They’re names most of us recognise, they’re all search engines, and they can all be guided with search engine optimisation tactics… But, unfortunately, that’s where the similarities stop. Stating that these platforms are all alike simply because they all have the intent to serve search results is simply not enough, especially when Google is dominating the industry and leading its every innovative stride!

While Bing and Yahoo have unique features of their own that have differences from Google’s iconic layout, the fact remains that they are still only followers. Google takes the lead in the search engine world while the rest follow with what they determine to be valuable.

Should I be panicking if I’m less visible in Bing or Yahoo?

Globally, Google is the biggest and best. In South Africa alone, Google holds over 90% of search traffic, meaning that roughly 54 million of our 60,6 million population use Google to fulfil their search needs. This also means that 54 million people are asking Google where to find a business like yours.

Suddenly the panic that arose after seeing Oom Kobus use Yahoo, which dominates a whole 0,31% of search traffic in South Africa, seems a little null and void…

Consumers’ decision on which search engine to use for their queries depends on personal preference. Though, where South African businesses are concerned, the answer to where your business should be focusing its SEO efforts will always be Google – simply because of how this search engine dominates queries. Readjusting strategies to include other search engines, like Bing and Yahoo, risks major overspending of your SEO budget and promises little to no reward.

The power of Google

It’s no secret that Google is the industry’s trailblazer, which is why we emphasise the importance of using this platform to market your business! With search engine optimisation, your website can be tweaked to fit unique guidelines that help serve you as a result to potential customers.

With surface-level adjustments, such as creating engaging content around keywords relevant to your business, and behind-the-scenes work, such as optimising the analytical components of your website for a smooth user experience, you can mould your website into the ‘perfect result’.

In layman’s terms, the better your website can answer a searcher’s query and give them a smooth onsite experience, the more likely Google will suggest you. In turn, you are served to your ideal customer and can harness this to improve your brand, increase sales and grow your business.

At Cape Business Online, we help our clients create flawless search engine optimisation strategies to help push their website to top rankings on Google. If you are interested in increasing the online exposure of your business, feel free to reach out to our team.