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At Cape Business Online, we offer the complete digital marketing package!
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Digital marketing solutions | Custom-packages

At Cape Business Online, we offer the complete digital marketing package!

We are leaders in Google search marketing and in the technologies that Google measures in awarding search rankings. Our services include website design, SEO (search engine optimisation), email branding and marketing solutions, social media management and online advertising via digital business directories.

Our solutions can be tailored to businesses of any size, including SMME’s and smaller businesses that may struggle to compete fairly with their competitors, even with relatively small marketing budgets.

Not only does online promotion allow you to specifically target your desired audience, it also enables you to make informed business decisions based on quality analytical data available. Understanding the nature of digital marketing is a core skill we possess.  With our in-depth knowledge and technical acuity, we assist our clients in achieving their brand growth goals.

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We strive to develop solutions that benefit each client’s individual requirements.

We strive to develop solutions that benefit each client’s individual requirements, and answers to the online marketing needs and/or challenges that are faced in their specific industry.


We avoid a one-size-fits-all approach in favour of bespoke solutions, to ensure that each case is as successful as the next.


Our experience and technical expertise in digital marketing is unrivalled and with years of success to back up our bravado, you can be assured that you are in the right hands.


We approach each client’s online strategy with fresh ideas and integrate the optimal mix of creative and technical aspects to ensure a successful campaign every time, because your industry, competitors, business needs, etc., are all aspects that are unique to you. Because you are unique, your digital marketing strategy too, has to be unique. 


What differentiates us is our commercial approach that focuses on a solution specific to the business challenges or needs that suit you.


Why take it seriously?

Affordability in comparison to traditional marketing has made online marketing options increasingly attractive. With a recurring newspaper advertisement often costing more than a website for a medium sized business, comparative cost considerations have turned online marketing into a firm favourite for small to medium sized businesses as their ability to offer a higher, often more lucrative, return on investment remains strong.

Thanks to the digital revolution, in particular the exponential growth of mobile phones as a medium for online search, the popularity of digital advertising has overtaken traditional marketing such as print advertising, flyers, television, radio and newspapers.

The flexibility offered to market a business online makes our services the modern choice to reach one’s audience – no matter who your audience may be! By using smart tools such as social media, a well-designed website, email marketing solutions, and effective SEO, businesses can have a national and even global reach to better support their business goals and success.


How we can help
Our in-depth understanding of Google and search engine technologies, our understanding of effective online marketing tactics, and our knowledge on how to leverage these processes to grow the online visibility of your business, is what truly sets our services apart.

We provide digital marketing solutions to our clients through a combination of services that include internet advertising, web design, social media management, email marketing, and SEO. Our team can also assist with professional brochure design and video marketing to elevate your brand.

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