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The more people your social media marketing reaches, the more chances you have of conversion – it’s a simple equation. Unfortunately, increasing the reach of your business’s Facebook posts can feel near impossible, even with paid advertising! So, what could you be doing differently to better your paid and organic Facebook reach?

How to growing in organic reach

Enjoying the benefits of organic results takes work to get right. Driving interactions with your social media management involves creating and publishing content that genuinely appeals to your target audience. These interactions will then direct Facebook’s algorithm to deliver your content to more people – because it’s what they want to see. But how do we master this?

Strive to spark a conversation

With the sheer volume of social media platforms being used today, Facebook has some serious competition! This is precisely why their algorithm is geared to show users what they want to see based on what they interact with.

As a result, your content should strive to get interaction from users by sparking a conversation.

  • Bold statements: By using the shock factor of bold statements, you can grab the attention of those scrolling past your post and stand a better chance of eliciting a reaction.
  • Questions: Asking for users’ opinions in a fun, unique way is an excellent method for cultivating reactions and building your community. It can also be useful for gaining valuable market information.
Pay attention to content preferences!

Although a compelling caption is the key to success, there are several doors to unlock! The visuals you choose to accompany your copy will also impact your engagement. Video is almost always the answer as it is the medium with the highest engagement rates. From pre-designed content to hosting a Facebook live, there are various video-based tools at your disposal to create and share unique content.

Tag this photo…

Tagging is not a thing of the past. By interacting with other businesses, or people, on your page, you create valuable connections to other communities that Facebook can use to share with a completely different, untapped audience. Sharing and interacting with content that your brand has been included in, is just as influential!

Next stop, a giveaway!

Are you looking for more ways to extend your business’s online reach? Co-branded giveaways are a great way to do just that. By partnering with other popular brands in your sphere, you can accelerate your page growth through its exposure to new audiences. Giveaways can also prompt engagement as a requirement for entry.

Solidifying your paid reach


Garnering the best possible results from your ad campaigns will involve building an ideal audience to target. Keeping your existing customers in mind will be the best approach to refining who Facebook should share your content with. Additionally, Facebook Ads Manager allows for creating and managing lookalike audiences that are smartly created based on your existing audiences.

Reducing auction

When you start running multiple ad campaigns for your business, you are more likely than not to advertise to overlapping audiences. This can compromise your campaign’s reach as ads compete against one another. By enabling an automated rule, this overlap can be avoided altogether – saving you time and effort.

Sorting out prioritised events

Configuring the prioritised events of your ad campaigns gives your ad set a specified action for the user to complete during targeting. This configuration can then be used to optimise ad delivery for various objectives, including increasing the likelihood of reaching users who will act on your advertisement.


Implementing ad campaigns on Facebook does not require around the clock monitoring. With access to a range of automated functions through Ads Manager, you can set up campaigns to alert you of any issues interfering with reach or impressions.

Whether you are interested in improving your Facebook content’s reach quickly or gradually, there is a range of organic and paid practices to follow that will bring success to your business campaigns. As leaders in all things digital marketing, including social media management, our team has the skill and knowledge to run with these steps (and many more) to offer your paid and organic campaigns the best possible reach.

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